Recent news

January 13-14, 2012: 6A 2-Speaker Debate Champions

January 6-7, 2012: First Place, Kansas Debate Coaches' Invitational

January 6-7, 2012: Top (1st) Speaker Award, Kansas Coaches' Invitational

December 3, 2011: Qualified for CFL National Competition (to be held in Baltimore, MD, May 25-27, 2012)

Runner-up 6A Kansas Debate State Tournament (January 2011). Qualified for the Catholic Forensics League Grand National Tournament held in May 2011 in Washington, DC; Won 4th place. Qualified for the National Forensics League (NFL) Tournament held in June 2011 in Dallas, TX
Debate and Forensics
  • Heavily involved in the debate and forensics program at the Blue Valley West High School; have have won many awards and trips to the national competitions. Please see awards and honors.

Work Experiences and Skills
  • IT services (to provide user support in a Windows environment, to install software and hardware, to develop or maintain websites, or to monitor/troubleshoot routine IT operations) -- Experiences gained thru consulting and troubleshooting a number of Windows environments and developing many websites

  • Librarian services (to catalog books and manuscripts, to check-in and check-out library items, or to support AV and other daily operations) -- Experiences gained at the Blue Valley Library during summer 2010

  • Hospital/medical services (to provide routine support or to engage in and provide support in scientific or medical experiments and research) -- Experiences gained at the Children's Mercy Hospital during summer 2010 and 2011

Special Skills
  • I have regularly played and continue to play in various basketball leagues since I was in kindergarten. I am also interested in soccer and have played in a couple leagues. I follow the NBA and NFL games and the NCAA men's basketball and football games.