My name is Ideen (pronounced /ˈī dēn/, or `eye-dean', )

I am a Kansas native attending business school at Cornell University. Prior to business school, I spent seven years in Los Angeles, where I graduated from USC and was an Account Strategist at Oracle. I plan to combine my MBA with my background in tech to help drive business strategy and digital transformation for organizations.

Outside of school, I am a passionate advocate for human rights in Iran. I frequently attend international conferences and gatherings to support democratic freedoms for the people of Iran.


My dad, Dr. Hossein Saiedian, is a professor at the University of Kansas. My mom, Dr. Zohreh Talebizadeh, is the director of Autism Research at Children's Mercy Hospital and an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

I have a younger brother, Seena, who is currently a freshman at UC Berkeley and is studying computer science and business.